Ayrshare Launches API for Automated Social Media Posting

Ayrshare, the social media API Platform, recently announced the public launch of the Ayrshare Application Programming Interface, or API, to automate social media posting. The API addresses the needs of companies and platforms that programmatically post content to multiple social media networks.

"For companies that are publicly facing, social media is important to build their brand, engage their community, and drive new sales," said Geoffrey Bourne, co-founder of Ayrshare. "We are now seeing a fresh wave of adoption of API-first workflows which generate content dynamically and connect directly to the social media destinations. Ayrshare is the first API offering to tackle this challenge head-on."

The Ayrshare API provides a range of benefits. For instance, platforms using Ayrshare can enable their users to distribute text, images, and videos created on the platform to multiple social destinations including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others. They can deploy the Ayrshare solution in a few hours, versus an in-house build process that typically takes weeks of approvals, requires complex and disparate implementations, and continuous maintenance and upgrades.

Developers are increasingly looking for APIs that remove the hassles of researching, onboarding, integrating, and supporting multiple integrations, so they can focus on their core product offering. Ayrshare addresses these needs and offers detailed technical Documentation, simple API calls, and a free plan to get started.

Features of the Ayrshare API include Integration with six social media networks, sending real-time and scheduled posts, deleting posts, getting history, managing images, link shortening, auto hash-tags, auto-reposting, and more.

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