Backblaze S3 Compatible APIs Now Generally Available

Earlier this year, Backblaze announced a beta release of S3 compatible APIs for its B2 cloud storage. It had been the most requested feature to Backblaze and the APIs were rolled out with a few strategic partners. The test period was a success and the APIs are now moving to general availability.

"[W]hen we release something to the public, our sense of craftsmanship demands that it should just work," Backblaze's Ahin Thomas commented in a blog post announcement. "By moving our S3 Compatible APIs into GA, we’re announcing that you can expect a bug-free, highly functional, and stable experience."

The biggest concern from customers moving from S3 to B2 is compatibility. As Thomas mentioned, compatibility was a key issue to work out during the beta period. One beta tester tweeted his confidence in the APIs. The compatibility test passed with flying colors: "I award it...Very compatible."

Now that the APIs are GA, Backblaze is literally paying customers to move their data to Backblaze. The new program, the Cloud to Cloud Migration Program, pays for the transfer costs for any customer that wants to migrate data from Amazon S3 to Backblaze B2 Cloud storage. The program requires users to commit to twelve months of storage on the B2 Platform. Those unwilling to make a year commitment can still transfer data from S3 to B2 for 4 cents per GB. Backblaze estimates that storage costs under the 4 cents per GB model pays for itself by month three.

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