BackChecked and EchoSign API Integration Speeds Background Screens

BackChecked, a software company that provides technology solutions to background screening firms, announced today that it has integrated with Adobe EchoSign and completed a 90-day production test involving two screening agencies.

In evaluating digital signature solutions, the EchoSign offering stood out not just because of the Adobe brand name, but because of its API. "The real gem is an API that allows us to incorporate so many of their standard options," BackChecked president John Kloos stated. In fact, instead of implementing a subset of EchoSign's features, BackChecked invested more time integrating the entire EchoSign solution, a decision Kloos expects to pay dividends.

In today's highly competitive job market, eliminating and speeding the hiring process is a priority for companies, but there is lots of paperwork and red tape employers must deal with. For instance, federal law prohibits employers from performing background checks on job applicants without written authorization, and there are a variety of federal and state regulations that employers must comply with.

"A background check is the last thing that gets done before an applicant is actually hired, so there is always pressure to complete the task quickly," Kloos told me. "Our clients are the background screening agencies that get measured on this turn-around time, while having to comply with federal and state laws that dictate written authorization by the applicant. The Integration with EchoSign means the job applicant can engage directly in the system workflow."

By enabling job applicants to authorize background checks digitally through online forms, with a signed copy being stored and automatically forwarded to the employer and applicant, BackChecked is able to speed the process considerably while still creating the type of audit trail companies are required to keep. According to Kloos, "Both of our test clients reported a significant reduction in turn-around time when the EchoSign interface was used."

What's more, Kloos says that there was "virtual 100% acceptance by schools and previous employers who accepted EchoSign signatures as valid for the purpose of verifying degrees and work history."

Keeping and winning business

According to Kloos, BackChecked's integration with EchoSign is a "critical" part of his business' future. "Our health as a company is a Function of our client's ability to compete against the other, often larger, players in this industry," he told me.

Because of the efficiencies that can be gained using digital signatures, Kloos expects that the industry will follow BackChecked's lead. "I absolutely believe this type of integration will become the standard, as our industry comes to understand the advantage of using a trusted third party to manage the electronic signature process. So, I'm very pleased that we got a head start."

That head start has already borne fruit for the company. Kloos revealed that of the two clients that participated in the test, one deployed the solution with its largest customer which was being pursued by a competitor, and the other was able to use the EchoSign integration to win a deal with a large new customer. "It was the key differentiator in closing the business," Kloos stated.

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