"Backend As A Service" Companies Differentiate on Funding, Documentation

Parse makes a great run at attracting developers to its Platform and engaging them by providing clear Documentation for the Parse API and SDKs. Making developer documentation and SDKs freely available is an excellent strategy, and a top notch strategy is important for this company.

“Backend as a service” is a space populated by half a dozen or more companies, all in beta phase. It’s an exciting time for this area. Many developers have yet to hear of “backend as a service” and yet there are already multiple companies competing and offering slightly different services.  The funding status of the companies is slightly different as well.  We have Kinvey with $2 million, CloudMine got $20,000, and StackMob took in $7.5 million. Parse has $1.4 million in funding so they are on the lower end although still with operating with deep pockets compared to CloudMine, the clear underdog in this arena.  But of course its not all about money.

Parse supports both data persistence and push notifications through its REST API. This allows servers to communicate with Parse service to run basic CRUD operations. This could be useful should you want to move data from existing servers over to Parse’s systems. This type of access could be quite strategic for Parse since it would enable developers, that might be facing maintenance and Scaling fatigue, to migrate more easily.

I am very interested to see this space develop. It’s going to change application development significantly.  I’m already thinking that I’m glad I didn’t learn MongoDB yet. Maybe a little sad that it might no longer be a good use of my time to do so.

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