Backupify Developer Platform Now Open to SaaS Providers and Developers

Backupify, a leading backup provider for cloud application data, has announced that the company has opened the Backupify Developer Platform and API to SaaS application providers and developers. Earlier this year, ProgrammableWeb reported that Backupify had launched a private beta version of the program with five initial partners (Apptivo, Mavenlink, Nimble, Freshdesk, and Pipeline Deals).

Backupify Developer Platform

Image Credit: Backupify

Using the Backupify platform and RESTful API, SaaS providers can provide their customers data protection via Backupify platform functionality which includes automatic backups of customer data, data Encryption and storage, and easy access to data backups.

Backupify has also published improved API documentation which includes better API description language as well as live documentation. This new API Documentation makes it possible for SaaS providers to implement a scalable and secure backup system without the need for custom code. CEO of Backupify, Rob May, states for the press release that:

"Through the Backupify Developer Platform, we're working with a tremendous group of partners who are looking to efficiently and effectively protect their customers' data. We've dedicated serious resources to ensure that our platform meets the needs of SaaS providers both big and small and across various industries. We're excited to continue growing our partner network and bringing Backupify's technology to more SaaS applications."

The Backupify Developer Platform Builds on the success of Backupify for Google Apps and Backupify for Salesforce. Backupify for Google Apps features automatic daily backups and the ability for users to restore Gmail, Google Docs and Drive, Google Calendar and other Google Apps with one click. Backupify for Salesforce provides an automated, cloud-based archive for Salesforce data.

For more information about the Backupify Developer Platform, API and other available data backup and recovery solutions, visit the official company website.

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