BalaBit Releases syslog-ng Premium Edition

BalaBit, a log management and advanced monitoring solution provider, has released syslog-ng Premium Edition version 5F1 for general availability. Included in the host of features offered in the new release is a new API. The API allows users to access log messages from remote applications. Organizations often need to analyze log data with multiple applications, and the new API streamlines this process.


"With version 5F1, the added features of syslog-ng greatly support the rapidly growing application development and management space," BalaBit CEO Zoltán Györkő commented in a news release. "The new features of our syslog-ng product portfolio demonstrate the flexibility of syslog-ng in meeting the log management needs across the broadest spectrum of industries and use cases."

In the last 15 years, BalaBit has risen to be a leader in the log management space. BalaBit's host of offerings and features serve more than 1 million organizations across the globe. The syslog-ng Store Box centralizes log data for simplified management, and the new API democratizes access to such data across the IT environment. Along with the API, BalaBit revamped its User Interface, which makes access and use of log data more intuitive.

The API is RESTful and data is returned in a JSON format. The straightforward API structure greatly improves access to log management data. Previously, log messages remained in disparate formats, each requiring different access protocols. The API consolidates all log messages into a single protocol for streamlined access.

Log messages are critical for IT departments to ensure security and optimal performance. However, multiple tools and applications are needed to adequately analyze such data. The new API released with version 5F1 allows all such applications easy access to needed data, which enables IT departments to concentrate on analysis, not data Integration.

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