Bandwidth Enables Burst SMS Campaigns with Local Numbers

Bandwidth, enterprise communications software provider, has introduced an API that enables local businesses to send sanctioned, high-volume, burst SMS messages using local phone numbers. The Local A2P API uses 10DLC SMS routes as opposed to shortcodes or toll-free numbers. As carriers begin blocking shared short code SMS to prevent spam and other abuse, Bandwidth's solution will allow businesses to continue legitimate, valued SMS campaigns.

"Local A2P is critical to helping businesses connect with their customers in ways that drive loyalty and retention," Brad Roldan, Bandwidth's Vice President of Messaging, commented in a press release.

End users (customers) will receive SMS messages from a local number. The goal of a local number is increasing trust with customers. Prior to 10DLC SMS routes, large SMS campaigns were not possible with a local origination number.

In addition to the inherent trust built into a locally run campaign, Local A2P include enterprise-grade features. Businesses can prescreen content for potential delivery issues, deliver actionable status codes on each text and track success for team education. To learn more visit the Local A2P site.

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