Banish The Bugs With Errorception's API

For a website or application to have any longevity, User Experience needs to be on the list of top priorities. We all know that there's nothing more frustrating than a site that just doesn't work, and one way to keep users smiling is to identify and eliminate those pesky errors and bugs as soon as possible. Errorception is a service that identifies and tracks JavaScript errors as they occur in a user's browser. The service provides the Errorception API that makes this functionality available to be integrated into other websites and applications.


You could say Errorception is like safety net for web apps; keeping watch for errors that may otherwise go undetected. Here's what the service offers:

  • A high performance service that will not effect the performance of the website or app it is added to
  • Automatic grouping of errors
  • Detailed graphs reflecting every error as it occurs
  • Daily email alerts highlighting which errors have affected users the most
  • The service does not interfere with a website or app's code in any way
  • Errors can be filtered according to those you want to see and those you don't
  • Multiple tasks can be managed with one account

The Errorception RESTful API is an early version but still fully functional. The API only accepts JSON formatted queries.

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