Bankin’ Expands Financial Offering Via Bridge Pay API

French Fintech startup Bankin’ has announced a new API that expands its consumer and business financial offerings to include payment processing. The new Bridge Pay APITrack this API uses bank transfers to process payments and is being utilized by 12 major French banks.

Bankin’ has previously offered the Bridge API to provide developers with access to banking information and transaction details. With the announcement of the Bankin’ Bridge Pay API, the company is expanding this functionality to include payment processing. The startup has already utilized this API internally to process over €1 billion between its financial partners.

With today’s announcement, which was originally covered by TechCrunch, the company is extending this functionality to developers. This move will allow third-party companies to utilize the API for bank transfers. The documentation for the Bridge API does not seem to have been updated to include information relevant to the addition of the Bridge Pay API. ProgrammableWeb is yet to find separate Documentation for the new API and it is unclear if this new functionality will be provided as a new Resource on the existing API or a completely unique offering. 

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