Barack Obama Inauguration Mashups

The historic inauguration of Barack Obama today has inspired development of a variety of inauguration-themed mashups. Here are new entries from our listings:

  • MSNBC has an interative map highlighting points of interest along today's parade route to the White House where he will take the oath of office. Built with the Microsoft Virtual Earth API it has "layers" of overlaid data that can be toggled on and off like celebrations, inauguration related, in the news, parade route and points of interest. More at our Inauguration Map profile. [via].
  • Barack Obama Inauguration Map

  • The CNN iReports Map, also set on the parade route, allows readers to submit their own stories and reports from the event. More at our Inauguration Map profile. [via].
  • CNN iReports Map

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Comments (2)

Hello and good day,

Today, the world reached the final day. The event of 2009 will take place at this historic moment instead.

Million viewers sit in front of the TV and wait for the touching image of the new American president.

It is a ceremony for the entire world, because great expectations for Obama to be driven.

We all hope that something will change.

I look forward to the coming years, with the American president!

Thank you