Barchart Announces Real-time, Event-based Financial API

Barchart, financial market data provider, announced the release of a real-time, event-based API. The service monitors market events and notifies the market of such events in real-time. The new API falls under the growing number of financial data APIs within the Barchart OnDemand platform. Third party integration partners can integrate event-based alerts into websites, software, mobile apps and internal systems.

"The storing, monitoring and sending of the event based alerts are managed by Barchart inside of AWS," Barchart President, Eero Pikat, commented in a press release. "We also supply the underlying market data, news, fundamental or technical data required, though we can also integrate and apply your own set of data. The service is designed to be extremely robust and scalable, as it is fully leveraging the power of cloud computing."

Users select conditions of choice. Sample conditions include specific price points, and volume thresholds. Conditions can also include more sophisticated factors like technical and fundamental indicators. When the condition is met, notifications are sent in the format of the user's choice (i.e. SMS, email, push notification, etc.). Barchart envisions API integration with wealth management firms, brokers, exchanges, trading software providers, and fintech start-ups.

The service monitors many data sources: price data, news, company financials, ratios, and technical data. The API can be applied to stocks, futures, options, forex, mutual funds, ETFs and indexes. Since the service is Web-based, the API supports any operating system (e.g. Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, etc.), and any programming language (e.g. Java, PHP, ASP.NET, etc.). To learn more, visit the Barchart API site

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