Barzahlen Provides Germany With a Worry-Free Online Payment Option

Every year 15 million people are victimized by identity theft in America alone. Identity theft is an ever-present concern in the minds of consumers worldwide and the continued migration of commerce to the internet is only exaggerating the issue. Barzahlen, an online payment solution in Germany, is thinking outside the box and presenting an interesting alternative to online payment. Using the Barzahlen API developers can offer Barzahlen as a payment option in their online stores. Selecting this payment option would allow customers to claim the product online, then take a receipt to a physical Barzahlen location to process the payment in person.

This Platform not only mitigates the worry of identity theft, it simplifies the payment process on several different levels. Users no longer need to create an account online, wait several days for payments to process, or even use a credit/debit card for the purchase. Just select Barzahlen as the payment option, print the receipt, pay in store using whatever form of payment you choose, and the product shows up at your house.

The Barzahlen API is one of 257 payment APIs in the ProgrammableWeb diectory.

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