On Bastard Apps

Duane Merrill over at IBM's Developerworks just posted this good introductory overview Mashups: The new breed of Web app. He covers the various genres (as classified by tag here), the technologies including REST/SOAP, Ajax, RSS, RDF and screen scraping. And perhaps the most interesting part, the "Technical Challenges" section that looks at issues in data integration, data quality, and component model issues. There's also a social challenges section with a quick look at licensing and commercialization issues. Nicholas Carr followed-up on some of these issues in his post Bastard apps. He makes good points about data quality, reliability and consistency issues in what he calls Web 2.0's truthiness problem.

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[...] XML Reduces cost to train External Developers on Your APIs  You can see evidence of this in the rapid increase on mashups (the new breed of Web apps) based on several open web services. Programmable Web has a good list of web services APIs. Most of the major software vendors are exposing their services as a set of easily usable web apis which return XML data. Since we have XML toolkits available in every popular scripting or compiled language, building web apps that consume XML is pretty easy. [...]