BBC Preps Nitro Metadata API for Public Release

The BBC is in the process of migrating all of its programme information to the new Programme Metadata API, Nitro. With current access limited to BBC teams and business or commercial licenses that are granted through a syndication agreement, the API is due for public release some time this year, according to a BBC Internet blog post by Kevin Stone, Nitro’s new Product Manager.

Nitro is built on cloud technologies using MarkLogic database technology, which improves performance over the old system, called Dynamite, with the added benefit of the elastic model allowing the Platform to scale with demand. The API is used heavily across the BBC by all products that require read-only access to programme information, such as iPlayer, Radio, and News.

Nitro Public is the name of the project that aims to grant access to external non-commercial and hobbyist users. Despite having promised this service in the past, Stone has assured readers that this product will be released this year.

Originally, Dynamite was built to provide data views for iPlayer, and was eventually extended to support other products. However, with the 2014 switch to “30 days availability” proving too much for the system to handle, the BBC accelerated the switch to Nitro.

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