BC Mountain Bike Site Trailforks: Much More Than Happy Trails

Trailforks runs "a user-powered mountain bike trail database currently focused on BC, Canada,"  to report on trail conditions and what is required to upgrade them.Notes for the Trailforks API are like the bike trails it reports on: rough. But the site's creator, Trevor May,  promises more Documentation soon.

A report on conditions could be a lifesaver...

Trailforks  also has two kinds of widgets. One displays trail reports on your site while the other allows users to submit data to trail forks. Widgets  can be added to websites via iframe, JavaScript or PHP.

The left side of a status report:

More stats

The goal of the widgets,   API and RSS Feed is to share all of Trailforks data with riding associations, so that they can manage trails and promote events.

Organizing for repairs

As Trailforks suggests, reports can be used as records of repairs done and as a notification system for problems.

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