BCD Travel Introduces Developer Hub

BCD Travel, a global travel management company, recently introduced its SolutionSource Developer Hub. This Resource arms developers with APIs and other tools to create corporate solutions for BCD Travel clients. In addition to five core APIs, SolutionSource offers developers access to data extracts that clients can use to better monitor and analyze their travel data.

“By investing in APIs and providing open access to our Platform, we eliminate the most important challenge faced by travel technology developers,” Irina Matz, BCD Travel Senior Director of SolutionSource, commented in a press release. “Giving developers access to modern tools and technology allows them to build and deliver solutions catered to the specific needs of our customers.”

Features available through the BCD APIs include booking ability, itinerary information, travel profile information, policy rules engine, and much more. BCD has used these same APIs to build its internal offerings. Now, developers can custom tailor their own solutions by leveraging the BCD technology.

The five APIs currently available include the Hotel API, Car API, Air API, Travel Data API, and Profile API. The data extracts pull passenger name records into. XLS files. Such records include trips include costs associated with hotel, flight, rental car, rail, cruise, ferry, tour, and bus. For more information on these items visit the API overview.

At launch, BCD has partnered with 19 authorized parters to test and get the developer program off the ground. Partners include startups, online booking tools, tech companies, and more. Those interested can learn more at the partner site. Once approved, API docs and other helpful resources will be provided.

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