Be All You Can Bee with BrainHoney

BrainHoney offers a distributed eLearning platform.  Teachers can create course content on the site and students can interact with the content, even submitting their assignments through the system.  The company boasts that its product is used in all 50 US states and in 54 countries internationally.  With this scale of adoption, offering the BrainHoney API seems to be the next step in further captivating their happy customers would be to allow them to build their own custom interfaces to the system.

BrainHoney looks like it is prepared to work with serious partners.  One simple to provide but somewhat uncommon feature from an API provider is a developer sandbox in which you can build and test API calls right on the provider’s website.  Since companies that offer APIs are striving to engage developers and convince them to use their service, tools that let you try before you buy are incredibly smart offerings.

BrainHoney’s API is RESTful, serving up XML responses.  It is one of 31 education APIs.  There is certainly room for this API space to grow and BrainHoney seems poised to become a leader based on their already wide adoption.

Garrett Wilkin

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