Be Resolved to Solve the DevOps Crisis in 2013

As application development becomes more complex in the era of the cloud organizations are finding that it’s not so much the tools they are using that are the problem but rather the lack of a coordinated approach to managing the build, test and deploy process.

This issue has given rise to a so-called “DevOps” crisis that often pits application developers against IT operations teams that are responsible to managing the actual application release process. In most cases, each side has their preferred methodology, which was created with little to no consultation with the other. The end result is generally a lot of conflict that is becoming more heated as more developers embrace agile development methodologies that dramatically increase the number of application releases that need to be rolled out.

Rather than allowing each side to dig in newly appointed Electric Cloud CEO Steve Brodie is making the case that entire build, test and deployment process should be moved to more neutral territory in the cloud. The simple fact is that no one for sure where an application will wind up being deployed in world the number of viable cloud computing Platform options is expanding by the day. Electric Cloud provides a modern Framework for managing the DevOps process that Brodie says is agnostic in terms of where the application is ultimately deployed.

That differs from platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings that try to impose a specific set of processes that are tightly coupled to their platforms. Brodie argues that most organizations will need a DevOps framework that can support multiple deployment options in a world where applications will be running both on premise and in the cloud.

To help create the framework for managing the entire DevOps process Electric Cloud has partnered with Opscode, which provides system management tools based on an open source Chef framework for automating IT management that can be plugged into the Electric Cloud environment.

Brodie says that in a world where application development is more challenging than ever, organizations need to be able to devote as many resources as possible to actually developing applications versus spending time managing the build, test and deployment process. Brodie says Electric Cloud provides a cloud-based approach that simplifies that entire process in way that satisfies the needs of multiple constituencies within the IT organization.

Given the fact that agile development these days is synonymous with Continuous Deployment organizations that want to truly compete in 2013 will finally need to resolve any DevOps issues once and for all. Otherwise, not only is all the progress being made in shifting to agile development methodologies likely to be for naught; the entire existence of the IT organization is threatened at a time when the competition for application development is by definition global.

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