BEA AquaLogic Targets Enterprise Mashups

The enterprise mashup tools space continues to expand with this week's announcement from BEA of their latest AquaLogic tools. This set of three Web 2.0 and social computing enterprise products includes Pages, a tool for lightweight web page creation, Ensemble, infrastructure software for mashup applications, and Pathways, an information discovery tool that combines social bookmarking and tagging with search and activity analytics. Of these three, Pages and Ensemble that are of most interest here.

Pages is designed for end-users to create composite mashup-style applications by using drag-and-drop widgets combining internal enterprise data and services with external ones like those listed here at PW. The screenshot below shows a sales prospects application integrating behind the firewall sources, external feeds as well as Google Maps:


Ensemble on the other hand is the most developer-centric of the suite. It aims to provide management services addressing mashup development issues that traditional IT departments and CIOs uneasy are most concerned about: things like security, governance, and auditability. Features like activity tracking may appeal to enterprise IT managers with compliance requirements or a desire for understanding patterns and metrics on application usage. It also includes the ability to intregrate existing web apps with popular single sign-on (SSO) products without requiring modification (essentially by proxying URLs through their gateway). For more product details check-out BEA's site.

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