Bean Counter's Delight: 4 Accounting Services With APIs

It's tax time and, if you're like me, you are going through your annual reflection, wondering if there's a better service you could use. There are a number of options available on the web for managing your books. And a number of those have APIs--we list 84 finance-related APIs. Here are a select few for the amateur bookkeeper.

Intuit is likely the most recognizeable name on this list. It's the maker of desktop software QuickBooks and Quicken, as well as web versions of the accounting software. In that way, Intuit bridges the desktop and the cloud. In addition to its API, there are already a number of applications built on top of the Platform, ready for the non-coder to use via its App Center.

Our Intuit API profile.

Xero Xero calls itself the "accounting engine for the Internet." It uses OAuth for Authentication and a REST API gives users access to bank transactions, invoices and reports.

Our Xero API profile.

SaasuSaasu (formerly NETAccounts) is based in Australia, but works worldwide. It has a number of connectors to other software as a service products, such as SalesForce. Saasu uses a REST interface and provides a ready-to-use .NET client, if that's your style.

Our Saasu API profile.

KashFlowUK-based Kashflow is the only SOAP-based API of the bunch. Its API, fittingly at, has dozens of methods for accessing customers, invoices, suppliers and more.

Our Kashflow API profile.

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