Beat the Traffic Paves a Social Road for Transportation

In 2011, we learned that even our cars and trucks were going "social" when announced its partnership with Toyota. However, the social capabilities of the partnership were limited in scope (car diagnostics, tune up reminders, etc.). What if your car could prevent you from driving a certain route because it knew what areas were traffic-heavy? That car sounds "social" in a fuller sense; it might be possible with the new Beat the Traffic API.

Beat the Traffic debuts its new API at Telematics Detroit 2012, in the US' biggest auto city, among 1,800+ executive attendees. Andre Gueziec, CEO of Triangle Software (makers of Beat the Traffic), commented on the release: "We're looking forward to being in the automotive capital of the universe and learning from visionaries in the world of telematics." The API allows developers to integrate real-time traffic data into the website, application, or even vehicle of choice. With over 3,300 traffic incidents reported each day across almost 600,000 miles of road, Beat the Traffic's data set alone is of premium value.

Beat the Traffic is still riding a high from being named to Red Herring's Top 100 Americas list (a list that has launched many tech companies to stardom). Gueziec further stated: "Transportation technology is advancing at a blistering pace...we are tremendously proud to share our newest API and mobile solutions, which are revolutionizing the way our customers think about road travel."

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