Beeminder's API Keeps Goal Setters on Track

In its company overview, Beeminder asks: "Is there anything you know you should do, you really do want to do, you know for certain you can do, yet that historically you don't do?" Beeminder proceeds to deem itself a useful service to anyone who answered yes to any of the asked  questions. Beeminder combines self-tracking and commitment contracts to help users achieve their goals. Beeminder can track "anything quantifiable" (weight loss, study time, workouts completed, etc.). Beeminder recently announced that its functionality is open to third party developers (via the Beeminder API) so users can commit to goals and track progress through third-party applications.

The testimonials of users who have successfully achieved goals with Beeminder's assistance compel.  Expanding Beeminder's reach with an API will make it more compelling and increase functionality. Beeminder has already integrated with many devices that can measure the quantifiable component of the goals (i.e. Withing's scale, iPhone, etc.), but it indicates a significantly longer list of target integration devices.

The Beeminder API uses REST protocol and a JSON data format. Through the API, applications retrieve all the necessary data to set up goals and track progress (i.e. user, goals, data points). The input allows Beeminder to set up its trademark yellow brick road which keeps users on track towards their goal.

Beeminder is one of the first services to exploit economic loss as a motivator for achieving goals. Perhaps Beeminder should utilize its own service to reach its goal of Integration with 19 new physical devices. Those interested in the API can register their app and view sample integration at the API site.

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