Bees360 Introduces Drone-based Underwriting Platform API

Bees360, deep learning, and drone technology company, has released an underwriting Platform API. Bees360 applies its technology specifically to property underwriting and claim inspections industry, and the API is meant to streamline underwriting efforts based on a carrier’s needs.

“API is the key to streamlining the entire process,” Dr. Chaoran Yang, Bees360 CTO commented in a press release. “Our API offers around 100 attributes for residential underwriting inspections and 300 attributes for commercial ones.”

In addition to the existing attributes, the entire API suite is customizable. Yang continued, “If our customers need more attributes, we are capable of adding more.” Bees360 aims to increase data exchange efficiency and reduce manual processes typically associated with underwriting. Through the API, Bees360 can deliver the data needed, to the system where it’s needed.

The API includes three APIs: the Project API, Report API, and Image API. The Project API allows developers to create a new project and retrieve project details. The Report API allows users to pull specific reports. The Image API allows users to call an image based on the image ID.

Actions available through the API include create a batch of underwriting inspections, check inspection status, ingest inspection data, and more. Bees360 currently operates in 41 states and has operates a large network of drone operators to achieve drone-based underwriting. The images include high-resolution shots of the roof, exterior, and more. To learn more, check out the API docs.

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