Bellefield Launches iTimeKeep API

Bellefield, leader in mobile time entry for firms, has launched an API for its iTimeKeep solution. iTimeKeep has allowed attorneys to enter time at any time, at any place. The API allows developers to integrate iTimeKeep functionality with any other app that attorneys use. Bellefield expects increased efficiency for attorneys to result from the release as users will now be able to contemporaneously report time and other work-related activities in a single step.

Bellefield CTO, Daniel Garcia, commented:

"This is a game changer that further extends Bellefield's lead in the mobility arena....Any and all makers of Apps for attorneys are welcome to join our API partner program and extend their Apps with time entry capabilities."

Winscribe, leading speech productivity and workflow solution provider, is the first partner to announce its Integration with the new iTimeKeep API. Matthew Weavers, Winscribe CEO, has high expectations for the partnership:

"The integration between Winscribe Dictation and iTimeKeep is very exciting and will be a game-changer, since it takes productivity improvements to even higher levels. The integration of two essential attorney applications, dictation and time-keeping, delivers the ultimate time management tool. This is a win-win for legal professionals who are looking for an all-in-one solution."

iTimeKeep was initially launched in 2012. It quickly rose to the top as the most used mobile time entry solution for attorneys. The work of an attorney is inherently mobile; thus, attorney-centric apps must be designed from a mobile perspective. The new API strategy is a natural step for Bellefield as attorneys have the need for multiple mobile solutions to adequately perform their job.

To learn more about iTimeKeep, visit the home page. To inquire about the API, contact the Bellefield team.

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