Belvo API Brings Open Banking to Latin America

Belvo, an open banking API provider for the Latin American market, is now live. After a successful beta program that began last fall, Belvo is fully up and running with a number of developer resources available. Its core offering, the Belvo APITrack this API, aims to empower open banking in Latin America. In addition to the API, Belvo offers a Python SDK.

"[W]e set out on a mission to empower Fintech innovators across Latam to access and interpret their end-users' bank and financial data," Belvo's Pablo Viguera commented in a blog post announcement. "As of today, our technology can help any developer in Latam unlock the power of Open Banking, all through one easy-to-use and integrate API."

The Belvo API provides access to 10 financial institutions in Latin America. This coverage represents more than 85% of the credit and deposit market in the region. Additionally, Mexico's taxing authority data is included in that API access. This is a great start, but Belvo isn't stopping there. It anticipates adding Webhooks, access to non-bank financial information, client Portal, and additional intelligence endpoints in the future.

Belvo has already seen success to the tune of 10s of 1000s of API calls processed. It continues to onboard new fintechs in the region. To learn more, check out the developer portal. Belvo provides a sandbox environment for developers to test.

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