Best Buy's Shopping API Now Offers Product Reviews

Developers are another step closer to being able to reproduce on their own site usings the retailer's Remix API (our Best Buy Remix API profile). Most recently, Best Buy added reviews to the API, meaning developers now have access to a major component of visitor buying decisions.

Remix Community Manager Joe Zwack explained the new feature:

It has customer reviews by SKU. We also include the star rating and submission time. The content will be updated daily. The default sort is by . Keeping in line with our archive availability, we also provide a daily archive of the reviews API.

The Remix API's largest user is the Best Buy website. The carousels and other features tap directly into Best Buy's own API. Zwack told us that reviews were a universally requested feature, both internally and from developers. The next step is to bake reviews into the search requests, as opposed to looking up reviews by individual products.

Best Buy also added included items to product results. On the Best Buy site, this is called "What's in the Box?" The list shows what comes with a product to help customers know what else they need to purchase. Like much of the API, this feature grew out of an internal need from a team creating an in-store touch screen shopping station.

In March we wrote about developer Alex Stone, who built his DVD-sharing site on top of Best Buy's API. Stone takes advantage of another feature of the Best Buy API: the affiliate program. When users follow Stone's site and make a purchase from Best Buy, Stone receives a commission (currently 5%) from the purchase.

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Thanks for taking the time Adam!

I would like to point out that having developers re-create isn't our goal as much as enabling developers to come up with their own ideas on how to display the data. Basically, think of something we haven't yet.

Reviews is one of those pieces of data we've wanted to release for a long time and quite a few people have asked for it. We hope it sees some good use. This along with other data we have (sales rank, frequently purchased with) exposes data about our sales and customer behavior that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

If anyone has questions about Remix feel free to let me know!

Twitter: @bestbuyremix

Skype: joe.zwack