Best Mashups: 3D UFOs, Skype and Twitter

Keeping up with what's new on the mashup front, here is a roundup of some of the more interesting new mashups:

  • Skype to-and-from Twitter: A mashup to allow you to post Twitters from Skype and receive your friends Twitter timeline into Skype.
  • Moonplex 3D: This Flash-based app lets you upload a photo of your house to see it in 3D on the moon.
  • UFO Maps 3D: On a similar 3D vein, compliments of the Poly9 FreeEarth API, you could also see the latest UFO sightings on a 3d globe.

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Comments (2)

Heh, cool stuff. I like the skype-twitter bridge. Although, after looking at houses on the moon, some folks might ask you to define "best." ;)