Best Mashups: Geo Trivia, IP Hacks, Firefox

Following-up on the most recent best-of roundups including 3D UFOs and Twitter, YouTube and mashups, here are some more interesting mashups from the newest mashups listed:

  • What if I walk the world in a straight line?: Imagine where you pass if you take a long walk in a straight line around the world, which places you gonna pass? This mashup answers that question.
  • Locate Me: This mashup does what it says. It finds your current location and displays it on a Google Map.
  • FireUploader: This is a Firefox extension which allows you to upload, and download photos,files and videos using a user friendly FTP like interface. In this version Flickr, Picasa, and Youtube are supported. (Another Firefox mashup-based extension is S3Fox Organizer that gives a user friendly interface for the Amazon S3 storage service)

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