Best New Mashups: 3 Very Different Apps

Music mashups are one of our most popular categories, with over 300 music mashups listed. It also makes for a variety of different types of applications, from lyrics to audio to video and more. The mashups below all use, which has the distinction of being used by nearly half of all music mashups.

  • pop ularity: A music quiz where the player guesses which artist is most popular. APIs: Echo Nest, Google Chart, More at our pop ularity profile.
  • pop ularity

  • Audiggle: Audiggle allows users to identify music using just their PC. Be it a YouTube clip, TV show on Hulu, internet radio, DVD or any other source, Audiggle can find the title and artist. Also features a mashup of lyrics, concerts, videos, band info and albums. APIs: Amazon EC2, Bandsintown, iTunes and iTunes Connect,, YouTube. More at our Audiggle profile.
  • Audiggle

  • LastNews: Get your personalized RSS feed containing only news of bands you like (those in your library). APIs: Google App Engine, More at our LastNews profile.
  • LastNews

    For more on, see our API profile. And for more music apps and APIs see the music dashboard.


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