Best New Mashups: 6 Social Mashups (And Not Just Facebook)

There have been a lot of new socially based mashups showing up recently. In fact, we recently topped 700 social mashups. While many of these use the Facebook API or Twitter API, there are many more social APIs. The mashups below run the gamut, though, yes, also include Facebook.

First off, let's take a look at Social Butterfly. This one lets you chat with random users via Google Talk.

  • Social Butterfly: Social Butterfly allows you to anonymously chat with random strangers through Google Talk. If you use Gmail, you already have Google Talk. APIs: Google AJAX Libraries, Google App Engine, Google Talk. More at our Social Butterfly profile.
  • Social Butterfly

    Next up, we have GroupBuyDaily. This one helps you find daily group buy deals in your city via a mapping interface.

  • GroupBuyDaily: One-stop shop for the daily group buy deals in your city. View deals on a map or list with ratings powered by Yelp . APIs: Google Maps, Yelp. More at our GroupBuyDaily profile.
  • GroupBuyDaily

    If you're looking for answers, you might want to try out Askives, a social question and answer mashup.

  • Askives: Askives is an intelligent answer service. You can comment on all answers and the service is free.
    APIs: Bing, True Knowledge, Yahoo BOSS. More at our Askives profile.
  • Askives

    If you're a sports fan that likes pictures, Phanoto may be for you. It's an event-based photo sharing mashup based around sporting events.

  • Phanoto: Phanoto is an event-based social network for sporting events. Phanoto utilizes the FanFeedr API to display sports news and scores for members. APIs: FanFeedr Sports News. More at our Phanoto profile.
  • Phanoto

    For another way to discover new music, you might try biblify. It creates Spotify playlists based on the reviews of the newest albums.

  • biblify: Biblify creates Spotify playlists from the latest album reviews from across the web. APIs: Amazon eCommerce, BBC, BBC Music, Guardian,, Spotify Metadata. More at our biblify profile.
  • biblify

    Last but not least. Places from Facebook lets you check in at places, search places, and do other fun things using the geolocation aspects of Facebook.

  • Places from Facebook: This mashup lets you search places, copy locations to mobile, checkin anywhere and create mobile web pages for checkins. APIs: Facebook, Google Maps. More at our Places from Facebook profile.
  • Places from Facebook

    Well, go on out and have some fun. I hope these can help you save time and have more fun using the social web.

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