Best New Mashups: Ajax, Maps and TV

Time for the latest roundup of best new entries in the Programmable Web mashup database. It's been two weeks since the last best-of review and since then 89 mashups have been added, a good 6.4 per day on average for that stretch. Once again mapping APIs, like Google API and Virtual Earth API, have taken the largest slice of the pie, but other APIs are getting some good use:



  • A free service that allows users to upload pictures that may be as large as 6000 by 6000 and create their own custom Google maps.
  • Ajax Map Comparison: Map Compare allows you to evaluate which mapping service is best. All three maps are locked together so panning, zooming and changing map types will effect all maps the same. You can also use the tab pane to try out various map features.
  • Most Expensive US Colleges: CNN Money list of the top 10 most expensive colleges in the United States. Not necessarily the ones you would expect.
  • Zoomatron Nautical Maps: Nicely done overlay of NOAA nautical charts on top of Virtual Earth maps engine. Charts can be made translucent.
  • TV Schedules: Combines TV schedules for 50 channels in 6 time zones with IMDB, Amazon and Wiki data. Uses the SIMILE Timeline API to render TV listings visually.

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