Best New Mashups: Alerts, SaaS, and Pets

Now with 1,452 mashups listed, it's time for our regular review of some of the more notable new and interesting mashups added to ProgrammableWeb. Most of this set have some degree of utility value depending on what your need or interest is: keeping your web site running, keeping up with terror threats, or finding lost pets and valuables.

Alerter for Pingdom Events Calendar

Global Incident Map

  • Alerter for Pingdom: Need to know ASAP if you web site is down? This useful mashup provides you with a Windows system tray icon that shows the status of your Pingdom checks like websites and servers. .NET source code available.
  • Events Calendar: Keep abreast of upcoming events with this integrated Google Calendar. Notable for being an example of one SaaS service provider using the API of another SaaS service provider.
  • Global Incident Map: You might be surprised to see just how many terror threats or incidents happen every day. Includes airport, chemical, bridge, railway, bomb and other incidents. With links to related news stories and searchable database. You'll either like or hate the retro-style flashing map markers.
  • The Found Bin: is the largest online collection of free, map-based lost and found listings. The site allows owners and finders of pets and valuables to post lost and found items for free.

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[...] John Musser’s excellent Web 2.0 resource Programmable Web (with 1,452 mashups listed!) has included the Pingdom API system tray alerter among its Best New Mashups. [...]