Best New Mashups: All About Status Messages

Microblogging status messages may be small, but they pack quite the mashup punch. Mashups built with the Twitter API make-up 8% of all mashups on ProgrammableWeb. So, it's to be expected that two of the three status message mashups below use Twitter. The other connects to Facebook.

  • TwitWinner: Enter your words. The most popular in Twitter will win. Twitwinner compares your words based on live data and shows the results in a visual way. APIs: Twitter. More at our TwitWinner profile.
  • TwitWinner

  • TwitLoader: You don't have to log in to TwitPic to post your pictures. Download TwitLoader and you can upload your photos to Twitpic and Twitter. APIs: TwitPic, Twitter. More at our TwitLoader profile.
  • TwitLoader

  • Status Speak: Using Google Translate (Text to Speech) and Facebook, Status Speak allows you to listen to all your friends latest status updates for a given time period. APIs: Facebook, Google Translate. More at our Status Speak profile.
  • Status Speak

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