Best New Mashups: Amazon

Continuing this week's review of good new mashups, here are a few built using Amazon's API:

  • Similarity Web: Search for any product on Amazon and visualize its 2-level deep similarity web in Flash. Nice visualization.
  • Amazon CLI: A unique browser based command line interface to Search, browse and purchase Amazon products all via the command line -- welcome to the world of Zero-click shopping. Firefox only.
  • Frucall: Frucall is a free phone-based price-comparison shopping service for consumers to compare prices and purchase products using their cell phones, anywhere, anytime. Frucall tries to combine the benefits of in-store shopping with the flexible nature of shopping online.
  • A marketspace that aggregates deals and rebates for a wide range of products.

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Thanks for the info and link for Frucall. I was glad to learn more about it. It is really great. I look forward to your future work.

[...] John Musser of has posted some of the Best New Mashups that utilize the Amazon API.  Worth taking a minute to check-out these innovations. Amongst them listed is Frucall, a free phone service that allows in-store price comparison. See my older posts here and here about the service.Technorati Tags: frucall, amazon api, amazon web services [...]