Best New Mashups: Analytics

It seems like analytics are everywhere today with businesses trying to make sense of the mountains of data they've collected to improve their users' experiences and increase their own bottom line. Whether it's tracking site visitors, following online conversations, understanding how leads turn into customers or increasing mobile engagement; businesses have a vested interest in using tools that turn their data into profits. Developers in the ProgrammableWeb community recognize this and frequently submit anaytics mashups to our directory. Today we'll take a look at some of the best ones that we've recently come across.

VOZIQ - VOZIQ provides social media analytics solutions delivering insights into what customers and prospects discuss on social media sites. VOZIQ helps you stay focused on measurable results with a closed loop approach that includes tools to benchmark how you compare against your competitors, identify areas of opportunity, develop action plans, and track your success, all in one Platform. APIs used include: Twitter, Facebook. More at our VOZIQ profile. - Social Media Optimization for Business. links publisher with consumers in an optimized and monitored way through Social Media Sites. APIs used include: More at our profile.

GA Data Grabber - GA Data Grabber fetches your Google Analytics and AdWords data for MS Excel on Windows and Mac. Eliminate time-consuming manual data fetching, processing and visualization work. Designed especially for people working with multiple GA profiles or AdWords clients. API used include: GoogleAnalytics, GoogleAdWords. More at our GA Data Grabber profile.

AIMcrm - AIMcrm offers a combination of web analytics, sales force automation and customer relationship management software in a single app. Added telephony Integration that allows new leads to be marketed to proactively and tracked accurately using the Twilio API. APIs used include: TwilioSMS, Twilio. More at our AIMcrm profile.

Prosper202 - Open Source Tracking and Analytics Software for online marketers. Enables users to track the keywords and placements generating calls to your call center. Using the new Twilio Client, we can now track exactly which keywords and channels are converting into calls and help you optimize your ad spend. API used include: Twilio. More at our Prosper202 profile.

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