Best New Mashups: April Roundup Featuring Foursquare, Google Maps and Amazon

Yet another month has passed and with it we take a look back at some of the best mashups from April that we missed the first time around. The mashups below make use of APIs from Foursquare, Google Maps, Zotero, Amazon and more and each was named Mashup of the Day.

Vuzzbox - vuzzbox is a User Interface for visual web browsing using voice commands. vuzzbox is powered by Drupal, Twilio, iSpeech and Amazon's DynamoDB vuzzbox is the embodiment of the "programmable web". It allows for a variety of uses including: Voice over IP in a plug and play browser client, Fast, accurate speech-to-text conversion from a hosted service, A scalable, instantly responsive data-store that can be leveraged to serve as traffic manager between these API's, browsers and web servers, All programmable with simple calls in PHP. APIs used include: Twilio, ISpeechAutomatedSpeechRecognition, AmazonRDSRelationalDatabaseService, AmazonEC2, AmazonDynamoDB. More at our Vuzzbox profile. - makes it easy to check website/ URL/link safety and trustworthiness: reports of phishing, hosting malware and viruses, or poor/suspicious reputation. Currently pulls live API data from Google Safe Browsing, PhishTank, and Web of Trust. The web-app also links to many other online URL scanning resources for greater breadth of reference. APIs used include: PhishTank, MyWot, GoogleSafeBrowsing. More at our profile.

Weather Sentiment Prediction - Prediction of the sentiment / mood of Twitter query. The training data for this predictive model was created with crowd sourcing. APIs used include: Twitter, GooglePrediction, GoogleMaps, CrowdFlower. More at our Weather Sentiment Prediction profile.

Bibliobouts - An online social game that covertly teaches students how to do Library research while they go about the business of completing a research-and-writing assignment. APIs used include: Zotero. More at our Bibliobouts profile.

Pub Crawl - "Pub Crawl" uses the foursquare venues API to provide a way for you to plan a pub crawl in a neighbourhood and see the blokes who will likely be your drinking buddies there. Photos of mayors represent the venues (pubs and/or bars) and are ordered with the closest venues first. Click a photo to drilldown to the foursquare venue page and start your crawl. APIs used include: Foursquare. More at our Pub Crawl profile.

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