Best New Mashups: August Roundup featuring Thinknum, Careerjet and Syndicate Plus

Summer is slowly coming to an end as Labor Day approaches which means its time to turn the page on August mashups. Before we do that, lets take a look at some of the awesome mashups submitted to our directory this month. These mashups include an artist discovery application for the Austin City Limits Music Festival, cash flow model analysis through the web, a real time search engine for the Indonesian job market, and daily deals for Netherlands super markets. Read below for more information on each.

Austin City Limits Music Festival radio – This web application allows users to watch and listen to artist songs and videos before the date of the show. It leverages YouTube for video content and pairs it with information from Last.Fm to give avid music lovers an unofficial “radio” of the upcoming music festival. APIs used include YouTube, Last.Fm. More at our Austin City Limits Music Festival radio profile.

Cash Flow Models On The Web – This application allows users to input a specific stock ticker symbol and then input some assumptions about the stock. It then generates a discounted cash flows analysis model based off a users assumptions and pre programmed discounted cash flow equations. On top of this, it gives users the ability to leverage multiple financial equations as well as decide how many statements they want to use as a base line model. APIs used include Thinknum. More at our Cash Flow Models On The Web profile. – Users can input key words, title of their desired position, and company to receive possible job opportunities in real time. In addition, users can specify their city, state, and location to further narrow down their options of employment. APIs used include Careerjet, indeed. More at our profile.

Aanbieding – This service allows users to search 18 known supermarkets in the Netherlands for the best deals. In total the application comprises of over 5,000 stores with location functionality as well as shopping lists, save gauges, and coupon promotions. The entire idea behind this app is to help people save money without spending a lot of time to do it. APIs used include Syndicate Plus. More at our Aanbieding profile.

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