Best New Mashups: Best Mashups of 2012

With 2013 in full swing, it's a good time to put a bow on the past year in mashups. In 2012, there were over 500 mashups added to our directory. Today we'll take a look at some of the coolest mashups using APIs from Twitter, Bing, foursquare and more. Read below for more details on each and let us know what other great ones we missed.

Small Demons - Suppose someone took every meaningful detail from all the books you love. Every song mentioned, every person, every food or place or movie title. And what if they did that for all the books everyone else loves, too. The ones you’ve never heard of. Suddenly you’ve got a whole world of seemingly random people, places and things, all gathered in one place. APIs used include: Freebase. More at our Small Demons profile.

Matchbook - A simple app to remember must-visit restaurants. Whether you hear about a new place from a friend, blog, or by walking by, Matchbook will help you remember it later. APIs used include: Foursquare. More at our Matchbook profile.

Tweeting Earth - Let's search tweets on You can check tweets around the world from each timezone. You can rotate Earth using Mouse wheel, and also show up tweets window by clicking timezone. This site is using HTML5 features (such as SVG) so this site does not work on old version of IE. However we support modern browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE9 and also iPad. APIs used include: Twitter. More at our Tweeting Earth profile.

Infonary - is a web site launched exclusively for busy users. It aims at providing precise and latest news from all the leading newspapers and TV news channels, all on one page. Different categories have been defined for various sections like Sports, Business, Education, Health etc. So you can find the news on the topics of your choice easily. APIs used include: Yahoo, Evri, Bing. More at our Infonary profile.

Real Estate Charts - TRULIA provides statistical information like visitor traffic, hot markets, average and median home prices over a period of time and even breaks down prices based on home size. Search neighborhood schools using the API and get home valuation, comparable sales, Mortgage rates etc. via Zillow. APIs used include: Zillow, Trulia, Educationcom. More at our Real Estate Charts profile.

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