Best New Mashups: Book Mashups using Freebase, Google Maps and Amazon

Recently we have seen some imaginative mashups centered on books. From mapping story locations, building communities around book genres and even discovering the most obscure connections between details in your favorite stories, these mashups are nothing short of creative. In addition we've rounded up a couple of standard book search and recommendation applications. Some of the popular APIs used include Google Maps and Amazon.

Small Demons - Suppose someone took every meaningful detail from all the books you love. Every song mentioned, every person, every food or place or movie title. And what if they did that for all the books everyone else loves, too. The ones you’ve never heard of. Suddenly you’ve got a whole world of seemingly random people, places and things, all gathered in one place. APIs used include: Freebase. More at our Small Demons profile.

Novels: On Location - A Google-Maps/Amazon mash-up for finding books that take place where you're traveling. Browse or search the map and make your next destination come alive. APIs used include: GoogleMaps, Amazon. More at our Novels: On Location profile.

Pinbooks - Pinbooks is a search engine and community for books with google maps mash-up, deep Integration into facebook, and amazon partner program; users can search books and "pin" books according to location, time and/or genre of the story; users can build friendships within the pinbooks community and they can share their actions on pinbooks with their facebook friends. APIs used include: GoogleMaps, Facebook, AmazonMarketplaceWebService. More at our Pinbooks profile.

Book-Current - Reading IT books helps in keeping technical skills current; one problem with books in the IT domain is that they become obsolete very quickly. provides access to recently published and upcoming books. Find books based on topics you are interested in and sign up for monthly email updates. APIs used include: ShareThis, SendGrid, Heroku, FacebookSocialPlugins, Amazon. More at our Book-Current profile.

Bookflavor - Bookflavor is a book discovery application which helps you taste books by showing reviews from many different sources. APIs used include: Twitter, Goodreads, FacebookGraph, Amazon. More at our Bookflavor profile.

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