Best New Mashups: Count Tweets, Find Graffiti and Watch YouTube TV

Ready to entertain those tired eyes? The mashups we've chosen all offer a unique ways to look at ordinary content. In one case, it's a way to visualize how quickly tweets are shooting around the Twitterverse. Another brings what might be all of the graffiti multimedia on the web to one place. And finally, enjoy the anachronism of watching your YouTube videos in an old timey television.

  • tweet mania: Visualization of the insanely growing total number of tweets posted on twitter (semi live data, synchronized every two minutes). APIs: Twitter. More at our tweet mania profile.
  • tweet mania

  • A media observer for street art and graffiti. Integrates images and videos from Flickr, Photobucket, Vimeo, YouTube, Zoomr and other sites. APIs: Flickr, Google Search, Google Translate, Issuu Search, Photobucket, Smugmug, Vimeo, YouTube, Zooomr. More at our profile.

  • Mini YouTube TVs: Customizable YouTube players that can be embedded. You can customize the players by specifying the content, and the player provides access to all the videos in that Feed. APIs: YouTube. More at our Mini YouTube TVs profile.
  • Mini YouTube TVs

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