Best New Mashups: Data Mashups Using Google Chart, EchoNest and Google Fusion Tables

The news of data visualization provider Tableau's IPO on Friday is yet another sign that the movement behind data and analytics continues to gain steam. With that in mind, today we'll take a look at recent mashups that allow users to perform data analytics of some kind and often show the results through interesting visualizations. Read below for more information on each.

World Statistics - Powered by the Google Fusion Tables API, this service visually displays world statistics on a map. Statistics include: Population, GDP, and currency unit. APIs used include: GoogleFusionTables. More at our World Statistics profile.

Noodler Car Comparison - Noodler makes vehicle comparison easier for car buyers. See similarities and differences at a glance. Data from, the highly reputable research site. APIs used include: Vehicle. More at our Noodler Car Comparison profile.

Energy Usage Analytics - View and compare Monthly, Daily and Hourly Electricity usage using interactive charts. APIs used include: GoogleChart. More at our Energy Usage Analytics profile.

WoMEn index - Measuring world's musical energy average emission intersecting user data from and song energy data from echonest. APIs used include: LastFM, EchoNest. More at our WoMEn index profile.

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