Best New Mashups: Dating, Biking and Big Media

Picking-up from yesterday's review of interesting new mashups, here are few use, either for dating, cycling, or media tracking.

Bicycle Portal

CPI Media Tracker

  • Rendezbook: A crush system for Facebook. Tell the system who you would like to become better friends with, date, or have a fling with, and if they feel the same way, you'll be sent an e-mail. Facebook account required
  • Bicycle Portal: Create and find bicycle routes for your area. Total distance and elevation graph are calculated as you create the route. Live traffic cams, photos from the ground, known routes, topo maps. Weather feeds for selected cities.
  • CPI Media Tracker: From the Well Connected project at The Center for Public Integrity, the Media Tracker is an online database that, aside from mapping broadcast towers, provides an array of data on the reach and influence of companies that control the flow of information.
  • Adisem: AdWords Management for the rest of us, built using the AdWords API. Automatically monitors and adjusts pricing so that AdWords campaigns have better results, meaning, more sales and lower cost. It runs automatically so that customers do not even need to log in.

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