Best New Mashups: Developer Spotlight on Elixiraddons

Today instead of looking at a roundup of new mashups, we want to focus on one of the busiest developers within the ProgrammableWeb community. Elixiraddons is a Los Angeles based web consultant specializing in creating web site addons. He has 12 mashups listed in our directory with several having been named Mashup of the Day. Take a look below to see some of the best.

TrendsRus - Twitter Global Trends Map - View the latest Twitter trends across the globe and see what humanity is thinking right now. For a selected trend, view the locations visually using red bouncing markers. Latest Vs older trends are differentiated using different colors. Click on a trend to see the tweets on Twitter. Select any location to center the map around it. Currently twitter provides trends for 136 locations. APIs used include: Google Maps, Twitter. More at our TrendsRus profile.

Real estate mashup - Search homes, get estimates, view Walk Score and Yelp listings and plot them all using Google Maps. APIs used include:, Google Maps, Walk Score, Yelp, Zillow. More at our Real estate mashup profile.

Amazon Mall using Product Advertising API - Browse Amazon Catalog for Movies, Books, Music, Electronic gadgets and more. By using an affiliate account, you can get paid too. APIs used include: Amazon eCommerce. More at our Amazon Mall profile.

Custom Neighborhood Maps using Mapfluence Javascript API - Custom Neighborhood Maps using Mapfluence JavaScript API from urban Mapping and Google Maps API. This is a much easier solution compared to usual approach using shape files. APIs used include: Google Maps, Mapfluence, Urban Mapping Mapfluence, Urban Mapping Neighborhoods. More at our Custom Neighborhood Maps profile.

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