Best New Mashups: Discovery Mashups using Twitter, Rovi and Last.FM

One of the cool things about the web is discovering new things. Whether it's new music, an great web site or interesting people, the possibility exists for something exciting to be a click away. We constantly get new mashups submitted to our directory that focus on discovery and today we're bringing you some of the newest and best.

Music Bloodline - Created at Music Hack Day Boston 2011, Music Bloodline is a visual representation of related musical artists, powered by Rovi API. APIs used include: RPMSoftware, RoviCloudServices. More at our Music Bloodline profile.

Twitter Interesting Stuff Finder - Find interesting people and retweets by following the retweet chain. APIs used include: Twitter. More at our Twitter Interesting Stuff Finder profile.

Bandcamp Scrobbler - A music discovery tool built on Bandcamp and Browse through and listen to Bandcamp's extensive catalog of independent music with intelligent recommendations powered by For existing members, it scrobbles your listens, provides personalized recommendations, and submits your "loved" tracks. APIs used include: LastFM, Bandcamp. More at our Bandcamp Scrobbler profile.

scovry - Scovry is a web discovery site that gets data from multiple popular social sources. This data is shown in an easy to follow streaming ticker format. APIs used include: YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Flickr, More at our scovry profile.

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