Best New Mashups: Diversions

Friday seems like a good time to review some diversionary mashups. Here are three recent ones of note:


  • Flickr Spy: See what gets uploaded to Flickr right now.
  • JukeboxTube: A jukebox-like playlist for YouTube videos. No need to listen to your own MP3s when YouTube already has everything online.
  • Ficlets: Collaborative short-story writing site using Creative Commons-licensed photos from Flickr as inspiration for stories, OpenID for authentication, and the AOL WIM API for authenticating AOL users. This is the first AOL product to launch using Ruby on Rails, Creative Commons, and to accept OpenID logins.

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The funny thing about "ficlets"?

Even though its the most innovate and forward thinking thing that AOL has put out in 20 years, they fired the senior vice president who oversaw its development. A woman named Kerri Parkins--she was out on maternity leave, came back and started an innovation program, shipped ficlets and was told to leave 1 week after it launched. Management told her she didn't have the "vision" to work at AOL. I guess using RoR, OpenID and Creative Commons wasn't "visionary" enough.