Best New Mashups: DocuSign Makes its Mark

In the past week we have had three outstanding business mashups named Mashup of The Day. These mashups all used the DocuSign Enterprise API to help make business happen. Below you can see details on the three mashups and read about how they are changing the way documents are handled. Lets get started with DocuSign for Google Drive.

DocuSign for Google Drive - Google Drive is an amazing business tool and adding DocuSign to its list of capabilities only makes it better. APIs used include: DocuSign Enterprise. More at our DocuSign for Google Drive Profile.

DocuSign Acumen Solutions Integration - Acumen, a leader in Enterprise Cloud Transformation, is all about productivity and DocuSign helps decrease contract cycle times, reduce cost, and enhance customer satisfaction. APIs used include: DocuSign Enterprise. More at our DocuSign Acumen Solutions Integration Profile.

DocuSign SharePoint Connector - Collaboration resources like SharePoint are a great way to get things done. Docusign has integrated with SharePoint to allow users to sign documents seamlessly. APIs used include: DocuSign Enterprise. More at our DocuSign SharePoint Connector Profile.


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