Best New Mashups: Doing Good With DonorsChoose

It's easy to get caught up in platforms offering developers riches, or big mashup acquisitions. Now, we like all sorts of applications, but we often don't take time out to recognize those looking to create change through APIs. In the case of the three recent mashups we list below, each uses the DonorsChoose API and is attempting to help classrooms raise money and supplies.

  • DCTweets: Provides an alert via Twitter when new schools in your interest area have needs. The DC stands for DonorsChoose, a platform for aggregating non-profit needs. APIs: DonorsChoose, Twitter. More at our DCTweets profile.
  • DCTweets

  • FEED USA: A partnership between FEED, The GAP and This site uses the DonorsChoose to find local classrooms who need support. APIs: DonorsChoose. More at our FEED USA profile.

  • Possibly Related Classroom Projects: WordPress plugin that displays classroom projects that need funding on DonorsChoose. The plugin uses the content of your post to attempt to find related classroom projects. APIs: DonorsChoose. More at our Possibly Related Classroom Projects profile.
  • Possibly Related Classroom Projects

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