Best New Mashups: Energy Mashups using Amazon, Genability and DonorsChoose

Having an infant in the house combined with the winter weather has caused energy usage in our household to skyrocket. We are always keeping an eye out for ways to save and ProgrammableWeb lists great tools to help out. This week we'll look at mashups that help users monitor their energy consumption, become educated on energy and encourage them to reduce how much energy they are using.

Simple Energy - Simple Energy uses social and game mechanics to engage energy customers and encourage them the reduce their energy consumption. APIs used include: Zillow, Twilio, SendGrid, Facebook, AmazonSES, AmazonRDSRelationalDatabaseService, AmazonEC2. More at our Simple Energy profile.

Whatsmypower - Real-time electricity price in your home from Get the latest real-time electricity price in your home from You can see what you're paying for electricity real-time. APIs used include: Genability. More at our Whatsmypower profile.

wattQuiz - A simple social quiz, a la, that asks you questions and educates you about your energy. Correct answers generate watts that are donated to worthy charities via APIs used include: NYCOpenData, Genability, DonorsChoose. More at our wattQuiz profile.

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