Best New Mashups: Everything Financial Featuring Kiva, Figoconnect and Billomat

Financial freedom, specifically the ability to stay on top of all bank accounts and cards, is something many of us wish we had, but don’t. We end up checking multiple websites or go through countless paper account histories. Then there is the issue of having enough money to pay the bills in the first place. Whether it’s managing multiple accounts or managing money, these mashups have you covered. Read below for more details.

Let It We – This mashup is a collective financial intelligence tool based off of collaborative filtering algorithms. In other words, this mashup allows different people to rate the financial help of other memebrs. These members are called Kivans, members who provide loans to other members. Said members are rated by stars and provide information and advice to the recipient of the loan with hopes of helping them succeed. Increasing the micro finance possibilities. APIs used include Kiva. More at our Let It We profile.

Figo In Billomat – The Figo in Billomat lets users track their account statements from bank accounts and credit cards utilizing Figo and provide payments to those invoices utilizing Billomat. Not only does this allow users to track financial information more extensively, it also allows them to see aht transactions have been completed and which ones are still pending. On top of this, users can highlight payments as being partially completed if the invoice comes in sections. This functionality works for wallets, credit cards and banks. APIs used include Billomat and Figo Connect. More at our Figo In Billomat profile.

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