Best New Mashups: Explore Color, Language and Cities

Often the mashups we see speak to the analytical brain with lots of data, like our collection of tracking mashups. That's where this group differs. Each of the mashups listed below speaks to the sense through color exploration, local travel guides and language through song.

  • The Color of Words: A color and typography experiment using the COLOURLovers API. Members of the site have "discovered" and named millions of colors and this app allows a new way to visualize them by focusing on their given titles. APIs: COLOURlovers. More at our The Color of Words profile.
  • The Color of Words

  • Sing And Study: Adobe Air learning application. Watch music videos, play fill-in missing words games and improve listening comprehension in any language. APIs: Amazon eCommerce, Google AJAX Language, Lyricsfly, YouTube. More at our Sing And Study profile.
  • Sing And Study

  • Geolover: Geolover is a tool for tourists and travelers. Build your own travel guide and take it with you. Combines APIs including Foursquare, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. APIs: Flickr, Foursquare, Google Maps, Google Maps Data, Google Static Maps, Twitter, YouTube. More at our Geolover profile.
  • Geolover

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